Cobra Tag, now where did I leave those Keys

Why is it that whenever you have lost something and you’ve turned your home, car and garden over looking for it that it eventually turns up in the last place that you look? Well, all that is set to change with Cobra’s innovative GPS Tag.

How have they done it? Well, of course, like so many modern-day technological fixes it has to involve a Smartphone somewhere and Cobra’s Tag certainly does that. Using an app that is available both through Android’s Market and Apple’s App Store, the Tag makes use of GPS and Bluetooth in a very clever way to assist in finding lost objects.

A small GPS-enabled tag can be attached to a set of keys or perhaps placed in an item of luggage which can then be monitored by means of the app on an iPhone or Android phone. this means that the set of keys or suitcase can be located at any time, giving you peace of mind as you will always know precisely where your precious item is.

The Cobra tag can also be used to trigger an alert when the tagged item finds itself outside of a certain radius. this works two ways, so if your phone has disappeared, the tag can be used to call it meaning that you can easily locate it again. a very useful phone lock feature can also be activated in the event that it is stolen.

So now, your mislaid stuff will always be found in the first place that you look!