Christmas 2011: Best tech gifts for your sister

Published on Nov 17, 2011

Christmas is a hectic time of year. Younger generations hurriedly work their way through the Argos catalogue. Young men and women wake up with a pounding headache on an almost daily basis. anyone above sixty sleeps once the presents have been opened.

Of course, this all assumes you’ve survived the actual build up to Christmas, which is arguably far worse. Braving town centres, carefully spending your pennies, picking presents – it’s all more testing than it should be.

Well, fear not, gadget lover! Here’s a selection of mobile and tablet-related gifts your sister, or any relations of the fairer sex, would probably love to own. maybe.

HTC RhymeIn our experience, a phone needs to be slightly more aesthetically pleasing to attract the average women, if there is such a thing. unless it’s Apple, white in colour, or a mixture of both, it’s probably going to struggle.

That was until the HTC Rhyme and its plum paintjob came along. This Android 2.3 device packs a 3.7-inch display, a fairly good camera and a plethora of extra accessories like matching headphones and a docking station.

It’s not the sort of phone the average tech-head would think twice about, but its combination of style and portability makes it a phone your sister might love to own. If we’re honest, we’re a bit partial to its purple ways ourselves.

Zikmu Parrot by Starck iPod / iPhone speaker dockWe were lucky enough to have the Zikmu Parrot Starck £1000 iPod dock for about a month, because these stylish floorstanders not only look rather splendid, they pack one hell of a punch, too.

Thanks to the combination of speakers they boast a 360 degree sound, which fills a room of any size nicely, and the downward facing larger speaker ensures you get a great balance between those heavy-hitting lows and the all-important mids and treble. It’s a nicely balanced sound, if your music is of reasonably quality. Tinny downloads will have their poor quality enhanced.

These speakers look fantastic, particularly in the red colour, which means they tick the looks box. Factor in good sound quality and their insane cost and it’s likely your sister will be incredibly grateful. Just expect the thumping bass to annoy your neighbours and anyone else who lives in the house.

Apple iPad 2It’s obvious most people would enjoy a free iPad, which makes it a great gift. It’s got access to more apps than you will ever need or use, the ability to play music, browse the internet, check emails and all without needing to lug about a heavy device.

Sure, a well-specced laptop would probably be better for work purposes, but for showing off around the Christmas tree it has few rivals. It’s not cheap, but once your sister is bored of it you can always ‘borrow’ it for your own use.

Nokia Lumia 800There are a few phones out there that both men and women can really appreciate and the Nokia Lumia 800 is one of them. Windows Phone is the best looking operating system on the market and the Lumia’s black, cyan or pink casing appeals to anyone with eyes.

The Lumia 800 is a very capable handset, too, and one that deals with social networking better than anything else, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration combined with its ability to group people together in the People Hub.

The Lumia 800 is a phone anyone would appreciate, but considering it’s so easy to use, we think it’s one of the few smartphones we would recommend to anyone, regardless of gender, age and intelligence.

If your sister wants something that isn’t an iPhone, the Lumia 800 is definitely worth considering.

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