Choices For iTouch Cases

With iTouch cases, not only will these protect the device and make it easier to handle, cases also allow a little bit of personalization. as you begin looking at the various options for iTouch cases, you will find several brand names that work so while going directly to Apple, the creator of iTouch is certainly an option, you have other possibilities to consider. Most cases are attractive and affordable, even those made of fine leather. We wanted to provide you with a list of several iTouch cases so you will have a better idea of what is currently on the market.

  • Leather Case – One of the most popular types of iTouch cases is made from leather. while this might cost a little bit more, leather is obviously a great protector. a favorite design measures 5 x 1.3 x 8 inches in size, has a front cover and fabric lined interior, and many will come with a hidden pocket, perfect for storing money, a credit card, or driver’s license. for instance, the HipCase is very attractive and because it is constructed from high quality leather, it will provide your iTouch years of protection.
  • Sleeve – another possibility is called a sleeve. These iTouch accessories provide a fitted layer of protection made from rugged silicone. a top brand is called Belkin, which sells the iTouch skin in your choice of blue or black. What makes this a great option is that while the iTouch is covered, you still have full access to the dock connector and controls.
  • Hard Shell – among the iTouch accessories for cases is the hard shell, which is perfect for people who work or play in rugged conditions. The exterior is designed to resist impacts so the iTouch device remains unharmed. a great example is the hard shell by Griffin Technology, which also comes with a static peel screen protector so you never need to worry about the screen becoming smudged or scratched. this two-piece shatter proof iTouch case snaps tightly around the device and if it gets dirty, all it needs is to be wiped off with a special cleaning cloth that often comes with the purchase of the shell.
  • Leather Folio Case – for full protection of your iTouch, the leather folio case is a great option. The design is sleek and the size small so you can place the iTouch in your purse or pocket with ease. you will also find that to access controls and navigate with the iTouch while protecting it from dirt or damage, the case has a clear screen protector.
  • Flip Leather – We wanted to add the flip leather case to our list of iTouch accessories because it has a professional look but also an affordable price. Made from top quality soft leather, the case makes access to features and control easy and it provides a layer of protection.
  • Silicrylic – this iTouch case is made by Incipio, which is actually a two-piece design. The outside of the case is made from quality polycarbonate plastic to absorb impact and shock while the interior is made from fabric. Included with the purchase of the case, you would also receive a cleaning cloth, surface protector, and video stand, which allows you to read emails and browse websites hands-free.

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