Cheapest Apple iPhone

The iPhone has gotten everybody under its spell. With its attractive look and huge number of applications available online for immediate download, and some are even FREE, the cellphone manufactured by Apple is much more than just a phone. It is also a personal computer, a digital and video camera (and a fairly good one I might add), an organizer, iPod and many more. Basically the whole life of the user can revolve around this small but highly advanced machine. If you don’t have one already you surely want one and you are searching for the best deal available out there.

The first thing you should know, if you want to make sure you get the best deal, is that the phone makes sense if you have a mobile service plan which includes high quality access to the Internet. the iPhone is designed for easy browsing and emailing so it would be a shame if you wouldn’t be able to use it at its full capacity.

There are many providers out there and it is hard to identify the best deal especially as it depends on you specific needs. one of the providers, is Tesco in the UK, and it has an exceptional offer that stands out because the term of the contract is of only 12 months. It is the shortest term contract you can get on the market and you get very good coverage and quality. You can also unlock or sell your mobile earlier if you decide to do so. the secret is to get out of the contract as soon as you can because a shorter contract usually means a cheaper phone. You can notice that, simply by looking at the fee structure in the contracts of other types of phones. keep in mind that Tesco is not the only provider.

The best Apple phone right now is the model 3G with a storage capacity of 8 GB which you can get for about 99$ and it is tied to a two year contract. If you want the fastest phone available right now the 3Gs at a good price you can wait until the summer when the iPhone 4G will probably be launched. the price of the older models will drop. the best buy for a 3Gs of 16 Gb is now about 199$.

The key to getting the best deal on the Apple iPhone is comparing all the offers available on the market and even consider buying a refurbished one.