Cheap Solar Panels To Power Your Household

Latest Solar Panel Amazon products

Premium Solar Charger –Ultra-thin solar power backup battery pack and charger,mobile phones,iPhone,iPod,and most of theUSB device –Built-in LED reading light,and window / Windshield suction cups

  • Portable battery and charger –Charge viaSolar Power (up to 50%) or USB port (USB cable included)
  • 1500mAh battery and aUSB output to charge viaUSB powered devices such asmobile phones,MP3,and muchmore. Output? DC5V ± 5% up to 600mAh. Solar charge:120mA
  • Charging and capacity indicator Back displaycharging status and remaining power level
  • Includes Micro USB Charge Cable &2 suction cups to Windows. Vessels inanenvironmentally friendly,easy-open packaging
  • itis abuilt-in fold-out LED flashlight –Flexible and adjustable positioning design great hiking,reading,driving,and more

XTG Ultra-Slim “Solar portable battery charger”is theperfect solution for backup power and power on thego. XTG-SOL1500 includes abuilt-in lithium-ion battery can be recharged using aUSB cable or by using thesun’s light through asolar panel. XTG-SOL1500 includes aUSB output can be downloaded from amobile phone,smartphone,MP3,Bluetooth headsets,and moreon themove(using theexisting USB device cable). This device is suitable for campers,travelers,gadget enthusiasts,hikers,and power hungry consumers. italsoincludes afully adjustable high-power LED light is suitable for reading,and more. NOTE:thedevice…

Premium Solar Charger –Ultra thin Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger for Cell Phones,iPhone,iPod,and most USB Powered Device –alsoIncludes Built-in LED Reading Light and Window / Windshield Suction Cups

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