ChargeCard: An iPhone charger in your wallet

A lot of innovative ideas have popped up around the idea of always having an iPhone charging cable at your fingertips, but the ChargeCard — a Kickstarter project that is a little over quarter-funded with 38 days to go — is one of the most clever I’ve ever seen.

the inventors of the ChargeCard came up with the idea of a device charger cable that has a USB connector on one end and a standard 30-pin Dock connector on the other end. But the unique part is what’s between those two ends — a flat, credit-card structure with a fold-out flexible “cable”.

the entire thing is designed to fold flat and take up no more space than a standard credit card. It’s perfect for those situations where you forgot a charge cable, but you do have access to a USB port to plug one into. Open your wallet, take out the ChargeCard, flip open the “cable” and plug it in, then plug the other end into your iPhone. Done.

If you want a chance at getting a ChargeCard, you can pledge US$18 or more for various perks. Check out the video below to see how the inventors came up with the idea.