Changing the Battery On an iPhone 4

Have you noticed that your iPhone 4 is running out of battery sooner and sooner each day? have you been charging your iPhone 4 with your car charger, only later to find out that quick chargers reduce battery life on the iPhone 4? if either of the previous situations apply to you, this article has a very easy solution to your answer.

While there are many issues that Apple decreased the user friendliness to, replacing the battery is not one of them. this is a topic that has very little potential for error and will cost you a fraction of what Apple is charging at their genius bar.

The process of replacing the battery is quite simple. first, there are two small screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4 that will come out with a small phillips screw driver. Be careful to not strip these as once their are stripped, removal is much harder.

Once the small screws are removed, slide upward firmly on the back cover to remove the back cover. once the iPhone 4 back cover is slid up, simply pull out to remove the cover.

The next step is to remove the small screw holding the battery terminal and cover in place. Be careful not to lose this screw as it is very small. with the battery terminal cover off, take a small flathead screwdriver and gently pry off the battery terminal from the motherboard.

Once you have done this, simply remove the battery by pulling up on the battery removal tab. Be careful not to bend the iPhone 4 battery as it will lose chargeability and can break open, spilling the lithium ion contents out.

Finally, reverse the steps above to reassemble the iPhone 4. make sure to place a cloth under the phone while doing this to assure you do not scratch the iPhone 4 glass screen.

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