CECT I9 – 3G Accessories – Pretty Cheap to Buy and Relatively Easy to Find

The CECT 3G version of the i9 is getting a lot of attention, so I’m getting a lot of questions about it. The other day, someone visiting my blog commented that although they were very intrigued with the color and customization options (as well as the ten pages of icons available on this phone), they were going to wait to buy it as it was still on the “new side.” they reasoned if they waited a couple of months, they would be assured that more accessories and support would be available for it as it become more mainstream. In truth, accessories, Internet set up directions, batteries, skins, and user’s manuals are already readily available for the i9 -3G. I’ll explain what I mean by this (and go over some of the popular accessories available) in the following article.

What’s New To Us Is Old In China: by the time these knock off or clone phones (and their upgrades) reach the states or overseas, they’re already mainstream and sometimes an old hat in China. Very often, the buzz and information (including video) about these phones precedes their actual arrival to us by months. so, by the time they actually get here, there is a lot of excitement already built. Sellers know and understand this. and, like any money making industry, businesses and entrepreneurs are going to piggy back these trends. There’s often very little or any wait period from the time the phone is available to when the accessories come out and are also available. and, very often, the batteries, sims, data cords, etc. are interchangeable. Below, I’ll list some of the more popular accessories (with approximate prices.)

Internet Set Up Instructions for T Mobile, AT&T, Fido, and Rogers: This phone (like most all CECT’s) uses carriers that allow for GSM sim cards. so, there are a few popular networks for it, including T Mobile and AT&T. and while, your sim card will usually just be inserted and allow you to immediately make calls and text, you may need to update the phone’s information for Internet and MMS.

Often when you get the phone, the factory settings still exists or the data will be applicable to a Chinese network. Changing this is relatively easy. All that’s basically required is that you go in and change the data, WAP, MMS, and Java settings (if you’re going to be using Opera Mini) for your particular network. there are folks that have put together step by step instructions that will usually run you only a few dollars. and with this purchase, these guys often offer one on one support which can save you hours of troubleshooting and frustration. It’s also good to keep these around if for some reason you accidentally reset the phone back to factory settings when playing around with it.

Internet Sim Cards (Especially Prepaid and Unlimited): No matter how perfectly you get the WAP and Internet settings installed, you won’t be able to surf the net unless you pay for data. if you have a monthly contract, this is probably included, or you can easily include it. many people who like these clones though really like avoiding contracts and prefer to go pre paid. This is definitely an option with this phone. AT&T’s GoPhone will allow you to pay via KB or buy a monthly package. (Current pricing is $4.99 per 1MB, but this changes sometimes.) Sometimes, you can find T Mobile cards that allow for unlimited data for one month. These run about $20, which is economical, but you’ll have to replace them monthly.

Extra Batteries: you can replace the battery on these phones yourself. The batteries have a long shelf life, but you don’t want to chance having yours going out and having no back up. you can get a spare for around $10.

Car Or Home Chargers, and USB Cords: You’ll often get a charger with the phone, but spares are really cheap, often as little as a few bucks. The beauty of these chargers is that they are essentially a USB cord with either a home or car adapter that fits on the end. so, often, you can get all three as part of a package that runs under $10. The USB cord is also how you transfer the information from the phone to your computer (although you can use Bluetooth too.)

Earphones / Earphone Adapters: Often, if you want to use your iPod or high end ear phones to listen to the MP3, you’ll need an adapter. These only run a few dollars.

Cases, Skins, Customizable Stickers: Probably the most popular covers for these phones are the silicone skins that fit very snugly onto the phone. Some people opt for the more business type styles leather materials. and, I’ve recently noticed that entrepreneurs have come out with little stickers that cover and protect the phone on all sides. These are a custom fit. there are pop culture type options (the Simpson’s, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, etc.) but you can also send in a photo or logo and customize this. The stickers come right off but will protect the phone while applied. These are cheap – usually well under $10.

Instruction Manuals: Most sellers will send you an instruction manual with your phone, but if you didn’t get one or lost yours, you can generally get one in just about any language you would need for only a dollar or two. Sometimes, these come as part of a bundle as well.

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