Can you touch the stuff you bought with Paypal? If not, you’ve got no buyer protection

PayPal trades off of the level of ‘protection’ it supposedly provides you (”PayPal Buyer Protection”). By having the PayPal logo on that dodgy website, shouldn’t PayPal actually be providing the PayPal Buyer Protection service they trade off of?

It should not be available as a buying option if you don’t get the protection, or it should only be an option if you know you won’t get your £ back if you use it for that transaction.

Had Adam used his credit card he’d have been able to get his money back after dealing with a dodgy copany that “took payment” (stole his money). It is crazy PayPal won’t even be involved, though they’re the mechanism of allowing the payment/stealing to happen!

I am surprised tickets aren’t covered – those ARE physical – I’ve just looked at clause 13.3 of their 24,000 word T&C’s and there are a fair amount of things they won’t cover. That’s crazy! I wonder how many people have been stung by this?