Business Today: Jumpstart Your Summer

Cash in on art

A dd value, inspiration and color to your house or office by picking up one of Salah Taher’s masterpieces being exhibited at the Kempinski Nile Hotel or Zamalek Art Gallery. Running until June 15, Taher’s 100 years of glory showcases never-before-exhibited paintings and sketches. Taher, one of the most renowned and prolific Egyptian contemporary artists, has received several awards over the course of his career, including the Highest State Award (1974), the First Prize Biennial Alexandria Award (1996) and the Guggenheim Foundation Award (1961). his painting style ranges from realism to figurative symbolism to abstract. you will definitely find a piece that moves you. Zamalek Art Gallery 11 Brazil St. • Zamalek • Cairo Kempinski Nile Hotel • Corniche El-Nil •12 Ahmed Ragheb St. • Cairo

Geek-chic accessories

L G has positioned itself at the head of the pack with its new G2x Android smart phone. With a powerful Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core, 1 GHz processor, the G2x is speedy and efficient and can switch between different menus chock full of pre-loaded apps and icons. With a touchscreen that displays even the most psychedelic colors on the spectrum as well as an eight-megapixel camera, this smart phone is the perfect summer accessory. the only major drawback is the design: Its weird backbone rests on your index finger while in use, which takes away from the sleek look of this soon-to-be-hit phone. As of press time, the G2x was still not available in Egypt, but can be purchased online.

Fishing frenzy

R ound up your friends or family and plan a relaxing weekend fishing trip. in the North Coast, you won’t need much equipment as you can catch small- to medium-sized fish by the shore. all you need is a fishing rod and a small hook. if you’re fishing by the rocks, you could also whip out a net to snag a crab or two. you probably won’t catch any large critters, but any crabs you do catch will be a delicious meal. if you’re planning a fishing trip to Hurghada or somewhere else in the Red Sea, you’ll need to upgrade your arsenal. First, prepare a fishing kit that includes rods and reels as well as a box of medium to large hooks and sinkers. next, use shrimp and squid as bait, which you can find easily at stores. if you want to bring out the fisherman (or woman) in you, try using lures to take home an even bigger prize. One might even catch some tuna or Khermana fish with the help of trolling rods found on many of the vessels that sail the Red Sea. Boats and yachts are available for rent at almost any harbor. For a variety of fishing equipment, head to Alam El-Behar (Sea World) in Downtown Cairo. Alam El-Behar 1 Sherif St. • Downtown • Cairo

Shade pride

T hey’re not new, and probably won’t set you apart from the pack, but they’re still a staple of any summer wardrobe. yes, we’re talking about the classic American shades from Ray-Ban. Inspired by aviator sunglasses from WWII, the plethora of unisex variations of this classic remain the epitome of style and protect your eyes with 100% polarized and glare-resistant lenses. With new Wayfarer, square, round, colored and classic designs, you’re sure to find a frame that perfectly suits your face, and if cared for, a pair of Ray-Bans will ensure you look stylish for years to come.

Keeping cool

N o one likes to carry a cooler full of drinks and snacks across the beach looking for the right shady spot to settle for the rest of the day. to save yourself the hassle, buy the latest Coleman ice chest, a definite beach-worthy essential. Its wheels allow for easier transport and minimize the weight you have to pull. Its wheels are designed for durability on sandy surfaces, and its extra capacity makes it a real find for those who spend most of their summer by the beach.

   Feel the beat

M usic goes hand-in-hand with summer. you could be at home, working late or hosting a large party and it will be the music that makes the evening memorable. But ensuring you can enjoy music to the fullest means getting the right set of speakers. That’s where the new Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air steps in. No fanfare necessary — these are the speakers you’ve been waiting for. not only do they offer great sound quality, they also charge your iPhone. the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is arguably the best set of multimedia speakers of its kind on the market and are reasonably priced for such high-quality technology. (Bowers & Wilkins is praised as a demigod by audio freaks everywhere.) the fact that the Apple AirPlay feature guarantees perfect streaming over Wi-Fi doesn’t hurt. Featuring an iPod or iPhone dock and a minimalistic look, the Zeppelin Air also lets you stream from any Apple device. the only downside is setting up the AirPlay technology — it’s relatively new so it requires someone who is tech-savvy to figure it out. if you’re not an Apple lover, you’ll also need a USB to connect. the Zeppelin Air will be available in Archimedia stores in June.

Slip-on comfort

G et yourself a pair of Vans slip-on shoes that will outlast all your summer adventures, even if you wear them every day. the canvas shoes are both stylish and functional; they come in several colors and original motif designs for men and women. they also have padded collars and insoles to provide ultimate comfort and foot protection. so instead of buying yet another pair of Lacostes, give Vans a chance and for half the price. you won’t be disappointed.

Protect your tablet T he iPad has become the traveler’s best friend. take it to the beach, use it in your car or enjoy a movie while you soak in the tub after a long day at work. But you’ll need something to keep your iPad safe. DryCase and numerous other brands offer clear cases that keep water out but don’t interfere with the sound or picture. Depending on the size, these cases can also be bought for the Amazon Kindle e-reader and other tablets. the DryCase is available at select electronic and technology stores as well as online.

News roundup

P ulse delivers the news you need to know wherever you are, even if you’re relaxing on a sunlounger. the updated Pulse News Reader app is a visual news aggregator that takes stories from up to 60 of your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive news platform on your tablet. Inaugurated in the App Store Hall of Fame and dubbed by Fortune as “the new king of Apps,” this App allows you to read full articles with images or text-only formats. With social networking features in mind, Pulse also allows you to share articles via Twitter and Facebook and loads news even when you’re offline. such a cool app loses points for being available only on the iPad. bt

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