Burger Mania

Love at first play! I could not put this one down. This was one of the top free iPhone apps that I saw listed several times and just couldn’t bring myself to download it. I eventually gave in and finished the entire game the first night. I was incredibly disappointed that there weren’t more boards and levels to complete.

The main objective of the game is to simply feed your customers. they arrive in groups of three and each has a different order to purchase. at first the game starts out rather slowly, the first couple of levels you are only required to make a burger slowly adding in some toppings in different levels such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce and of course the cheese. But just like with every other burger joint, you may want some soda, fries and of course the ice cream.

You start off your adventure in Brazil tackling the hungry and then you move on to the USA and three other countries shortly after. Each country has about ten levels of gameplay each level gets slightly more challenging but that’s the best part. it becomes more difficult to keep the customers happy and to get them out the door quickly without getting them angered, which has happened quite a few times. I have had a sword and a gun pointed at me all over a late cheeseburger.

Some may request burgers, others chicken patties, some want fries and others would be happy with just a soda and an ice cream but no two customers like it the same. the real challenge is knowing when to get things cooking without burning them. Burnt burgers means going back to the drawing board and even though you can serve the fries burnt, it lowers your star value once you complete the level.

Throughout the duration of the game you can only cook two burgers or two chicken patties, or a combination of the two, at any given time. You start off only being able to pre-fill drinks one at a time but soon it goes to two and then free and you can add in the shake as well. at first you can only make one thing of fries at time too but as the game progresses more slots become available. it didn’t take me too long to realize that making fries and shakes was time consuming and you had to get a head start on them or risk being shot, literally!

There’s not too much more to be said about this game other than you should just download it and enjoy. I have told my friends and family and when I’m playing I can’t be bothered, no seriously, I can’t be bothered or I get some very angry customers. Pausing the game seems to throw me off so I have to stay focused during the levels. I have totally been enjoying Burger Mania, I can’t wait for an update and have been looking for one every day since I finished playing but still nothing.

Price: $0.99 (This was FREE for Monster Free Apps users. Save $$ and download MFA now!)

Burger Mania Screen Shot

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