Bluetooth Car Kits: How to Pair iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia Phones to a Parrot Car Kit

Pairing Bluetooth car kits with mobile phones can prove challenging. different manufacturers and sometimes individual phones, set up Bluetooth connections with different menus and selections. this guide shows how to pair iPhone 4, BlackBerry Curve 8900, and Nokia E72 phones with an MKi9100 Parrot car kit and accompanies a video on each.

People often navigate their phone menu system knowing that they need to achieve a Bluetooth connection, but without any idea how to achieve this. this is not surprising as there are so many different mobile phones on the market, and therefore many different ways of setting up the same Bluetooth function. Often if a successful connection is made, this is down to luck rather than understanding.

Here in this guide we set out the pairing Bluetooth procedure for three different brands of phone; the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Curve 8900, and the Nokia E72. this guide should be similar for other phones from these manufacturers, however they are not guaranteed to be the same. for other brands of phone, it is easier to get an understanding of what functions need to be found, by seeing these three sets of menu selections.

A mini screen MKi9100 Parrot car kit was used for the pairing of each phone.

To begin with it is necessary for the mobile phone to be within Bluetooth range, this means the phone should be inside the car and the vehicle engine needs to be switched on.

Pair iPhone 4:

  1. Select main menu – Settings – General – Bluetooth,
  2. Turn Bluetooth on,
  3. Select Parrot device and enter MKi default code ‘0000’.

Pair BlackBerry Curve 8900:

  1. Select BlackBerry Menu button – Manage connections – turn Bluetooth on – Set up Bluetooth – Search,
  2. The phone finds the MKi9100 device, click on this to select it,
  3. Enter the MKi default code ‘0000’ to complete pairing,
  4. Before clicking Yes on the phone to connect to the Parrot kit, tick the box that says don’t ask this again, for automatic pairing each time the phone enters the car.

Pair Nokia E72:

  1. Select function buttons: Menu – Ctrl. panel – Connectivity – Bluetooth (for first time Bluetooth use the phone will need to be assigned a name),
  2. On this menu there are three tabs – Settings, Paired devices and Blocked Devices scroll right on the main navigation button for the second Paired devices tab,
  3. Click on Options – New paired device – more devices,
  4. The phone searches for the kit, when found click on it and enter MKi default code ‘0000’,
  5. Click yes to Authorise device to make connections automatically (for automatic pairing on entering the car),
  6. Click yes to Authorise device to accept connection (to synchronise contact address book from phone to car).

In most cases these steps will prove to be sufficient however if pairing fails, it can be of assistance to set up the Parrot kit to look for a phone to pair with.

Set up the MKi9100 Parrot Car Kit to look for Phones:

  1. Click scroll wheel and turn until reach Settings (click to select),
  2. Click scroll wheel to select Bluetooth,
  3. Turn scroll wheel till reach Pair with (click to select),
  4. Click to select Other phones.

Once paired each of these three phones should now benefit from automatic address book synchronisation, from phone to the Bluetooth car kit. this allows caller ID to be shown on the Parrot car kit screen and is a common feature of all kits that have a display.