Best Verizon iPhone 4 Case – Otterbox Impact

Once you have purchased an iPhone 4, you want to do everything you can to protect it from scratches, dirt, dents and any other damage. One of the best cases you can get for superior damage control is the Otterbox Impact Silicone Case.

This is a tough case, offering maximum protection for your device. It not only protects from scratches and dings, but it can offset the effects of bumps and shocks, as well.

The outside of the case is constructed from a durable silicone material, while the inside offers inner coring to further protect your iPhone from more series damage like bumps and shocks. As an added measure of protection, self-adhesive clear screen protectors are included with the package, offering a total protection system for your iPhone 4.

Although the Impact Case is not as ultra slim as some other cases available today, it still maintains the sleek look of your iPhone and is surprisingly lightweight.

The case is available in six vivid colors to include blue, red, yellow, white, purple and pink. this allows for a fun, great looking case while offering top level protection at the same time.

Installation of your iPhone 4 into the case is quick and easy by simply sliding it right inside. The case snaps back into place and you are ready to go. The silicone surface of the case provides a nice grip to the phone, so you can hold it without it sliding out of your hand and it will stay put when you set it down.

As for using your iPhone 4 features, all buttons and controls work easily and effectively while in the case. The home button is completely covered by the case, but works the same as always. Volume controls are set up this way, too. By keeping the buttons and controls completely covered, they are spared from the effects of dust and dirt. Precise cutouts enable you to use the camera, microphone and jacks. There is a larger cutout located at the bottom of the case for speakers and a dock connector.

The bottom line is that you get all of the features of the Impact Silicone Case at a very affordable price, which makes the decision even easier to choose this case for your iPhone 4. if you want a very high level of quality protection for your phone, the Impact Silicone Case may be right for you.