Best Stock market apps for iPhone and iPad 2012

If you are regular investor and want to keep tab on the stock market  while you are not in front of your TV and watching CNBC ticker live then you need to have either iPhone or an iPad App. These apps will give you real time information of the stock market and also will help you trade.

I have tried several of the apps and I use my iPhone for all stock market transactions as well as news using some of the apps I am going to list below. Some of them are really useful and provide incredible value.

Stock Guru App for iPad – This is the one that I use for all my research on the stocks that I am buying or selling. It has a database of about 7000 stocks and it provides me with all the details like risk, valuations and the financial strength of a stock. There is this guru rating for each stock which helps to understand the stock better. In addition to guru rating there is this risk rating, risk profile and risk return chart. To any investor these are valuable parameters to screen a stock. There are many more ratings and fundamental analysis parameters that this app gives out. This is the one which is a must have for you if you do all your analysis yourself before buying a stock.  Above all this one has a user interface which is very good.