Best iPhone apps for recipes

Whether your tastes are fine dining, vegetarian, or simply a craving for home cooked meals, there are many recipe apps available for the iPhone.  The best part about these apps is most of them are absolutely free! These iPhone recipe apps are perfect for finding a meal idea when you are in a hurry – and they are right at your fingertips so you have them on hand when you need them. Dinner Spinner

From the website, this free iPhone app is loaded with thousands of recipes. The app allows you to search recipes by type of dish, ingredients, and even cooking time. Each recipe has full instructions and a color photo. If you can’t decide, the app will choose for you. Simply shake or choose the “spin” option and a unique recipe idea is suggested for you.

The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook

Another free recipe app available for the iPhone is The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook. Betty Crocker is a household name for simple recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare. This recipe app has over 9,000 recipes with full instructions and color photos.  With the ingredient search, you can enter your food type and the app will help choose a recipe.

BigOven – 170,000 Recipes and Grocery

One of the most popular recipe apps available for the iPhone is 170,000 Recipes and Grocery from BigOven. Not only can you access the thousands of everyday recipes, this app offers suggestions for your leftovers. The recipes have easy-to-follow instructions and color photos. The BigOven app is currently free but the creators have a disclaimer that they may charge for the app in the future.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

The Epicurious app was voted the winner of the Best Mobile Application of 2009 by American Society of Magazine Editors. With over 25,000 recipes to choose from, this app can become a cooks best friend. This creative and free app also provides an interactive shopping list so you can create a grocery list and mark the ingredients off when shopping.


For vegans, the VeganYumYum app is made available from the website of the same name. All of the recipes found on the VeganYumYum website can be easily viewed with your iPhone at no cost. Each recipe has instructions, beautiful photos, and the app offers a favorites list.

Gluten-Free Recipes

For people following a gluten-free diet, the Gluten-Free Recipes app has only a handful of recipes for a cost of $1.99. While there are only about 2 dozen recipes for the price, they are some of the more popular gluten-free recipes used. This is a handy app if you need to find a popular recipe quickly or while away from you home PC.

20 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver

Although Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meal app doesn’t have a lot of recipes for the cost of $7.99, there have been new recipes added over time. One can only hope that new and refreshing ideas keep coming. This app has over 50 recipes that can all be completed in about 20 minutes. Oliver also provides exclusive videos with helpful kitchen tips every cook needs to know like sharpening knives.

There are many iPhone apps available that provide thousands of recipes – and many more are sure to follow. With so many of them available for free, it’s recommended to have access to a variety of different recipe apps. These iPhone apps will come in handy especially when you are out shopping and need to find something for dinner at a moments notice.