Best iPhone 4 Photography Apps

iPhone 4 is one of those gadgets which can facilitate you in every way you want. It is a complete gadget and can offer you every facility that a smartphone could have. for example, you want to hear music, on iPhone 4 you can do it easily. This gadget can also be used as a camera as well. you can get hundreds of apps for photo editing and sharing with your gadget. Some of the amazing and unique apps for photo editing and sharing via iPhone 4 are as follows:

1. Juxtaposer

This app is available for combining multiple pictures to make them a funny one. you can take different parts from different pictures as per your requirements. for example, you want to have a cat’s head on your friend picture then you can do it simple by using this app on your iPhone 4.

2. Pano

With the help of this amazing photo-editing app, you can get seamless images by blending large number of photos in just a second.

3. Anticrop

It is one of the magnificent apps that can be used to expand your pictures. With the help of this app, you can fill the edges of your hasty pictures and can increase their value.

4. Photo Captions

Now you can also add captions to your pictures with the help of this app. Add frames, effects, and borders in your picture and make them more creative by using this easy to use app on your iPhone 4.

5. TiltShift

This app can be used for manipulating a picture so that it can look like a miniature scale model. With this app, you can focus on a small area of any picture and can give it a model effect by blurring its surroundings.

These are few of the amazing photo-editing and sharing app available for iPhone 4. however, you should keep in mind that using a gadget for multiple purposes also needs to focus on its protection. different type of protective accessories including iPhone 4 cases, covers, pouches, skins, and stickers can be purchased from any of the reliable retailers. the easiest way to find these retailers is to search them online. Use appropriate keywords and conduct an online search. the best thing is that now you can get customized protective accessories as per your choice at reasonable rates. Once you will place your order online, within few days your retailer will deliver your ordered accessory at your doorstep.