Best iPhone 4 Chargers on the Market

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dead battery when you’re in need of making an important call, text, or looking for a nearby landmark using your iPhone 4. look no further than this article for the top selling and best user-rated chargers for your iPhone 4.

Kensington Pockethub 3-Port USB Charger

The Kensington Pockethub 3-Port USB charger was made for those of you who demand high-quality and excellence. Stay connected to your peripherals while charging and syncing your iPhone 4. the Kensington PocketHub(TM) 3-Port USB and Sync has a built-in 30-pin connector port that lets you charge and sync your iPhone 4, plus 3 additional USB ports for connecting your camera, flash drive, mouse and other USB devices. External power adapter has plenty of juice for power hungry devices and will function as a stand alone charger for your iPhone 4 for AT&T. this high-quality charger is also compatible with older iPhones and iPods.

Solio Mono-i Solar Charger

The Solio Mono-i Solar Charger was made for people that are on the go. this unique solar charges utilizes the natural power of the sun to collect energy and store it for up to one year to give over 3200 of your devices the charge they need. the Solio Mono-i is slim and sleek and will charge your iPhone 4 for AT&T in short order. Throw one in your car, one in with your camping gear, and another in your disaster preparedness kit so that you will be ready for a full charge whenever you need one. this charger is also unique in that it will never over-charge your device and will save you money on your electric bill.

iHome Charging Station

The iHome Charging Station is one of the top ranked charging stations because it charges several devices at once. it features universal iPhone/iPad docks, an expandable rubberized rest area for your devices, integrated cable management system to eliminate the clutter of unsightly cords, and a built-in iPad 2 stand. these features renders this iHome Home Charging Station the best of the best in complete charging stations for a variety of the devices that so many households rely upon daily.

goBat II Portable Charger and Battery

The goBat II Portable Charger and Backup Battery provides the ultimate in charging and back up for your iPhone 4 for AT&T, your iPad 2 or your iPod. Designed and manufactured by Scosche, a leading name in iPhone 4 accessories, the goBat II features an internal 5000mAh ion battery that will keep your iPhone 4 for AT&T going long after the dreaded dead battery signal sounds and while it is charging so that you never lose a call or miss a text. the goBat II Portable Charger and Battery Backup comes with USB charging cable and USB voltage adapter so that you can charge a variety of other devices as well.

Kensington Nightstand Charging Dock Station

The Kensington Nightstand Charging Dock Station does more than charge your iPhone 4 for AT&T. it allows for a free downloadable app that converts your iPhone 4 for AT&T into a bedside clock and weather alert station. Manufactured by Kensington, a leader in iPhone 4 accessories, this Charging Station will give charge to your iPhone 4, the iPad 2, or your iPod.