Best iPhone 4 Cases – Change Is Good

It is an ever-changing world in which we live and change is good. it trickles down into our everyday lives, making for a more interesting existence. We change our clothes, we change what we eat and even change lanes in traffic. Here’s an idea- get on the fast track of variance by changing what your iPhone 4 wears.

The iPhone 4 revolution has been a swift one and along with the introduction of this cutting edge mobile sensation came an upgrade in accessories. Now more than ever, there is variety galore when it comes to cases for the new iPhone 4. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

iSkin Solo FX Jelly Case

The iSkin Solo FX Jelly Case for iPhone 4 has come around again. Now in its second generation, this hot little number now features enhanced protection by way of more front coverage. That’s right; it’s thicker around the screen for extra absorbency of shock and added protection against scratches from drops. it was rated the “coolest case” by PC magazine in 2009 and its popularity remains at the top of the list. it features an ultra sheik design and comes in five great colors: Green, Carbon, Red, Blue, and Pink.

Incipio BombProof Case

The Incipio BombProof Case is one of the sturdiest new cases on the market. Inspired by the grid-like pattern of a grenade, this extra-durable case gives your iPhone 4 extreme protection with its high-density silicone rubber consistency. top it all off with doing your part to save the planet. Yes, this case is made of 20% recycled material from other Incipio cases. it comes in six awesome colors: Green, Tan, Orange, Stealth, Pink, and Red.

iFrogz Luxe Lean Case

Change is coming with the all new iFrogz Luxe Lean Case. the Luxe Lean hard shell case snaps on to give your phone a sleek and slim protective cover. this ultra hot case is constructed of hardwearing polycarbonate and provides outstanding impact protection while all the ports, sensors, and inputs open for easy access. Comes in nine excellent colors: Gray, Green, Red, Teal, Indwhoa (Blue), Pink, Black, Royal Blue, and White.

Scosche beefKase

If you’re serious about change, try the hottest new leather case on the market. the Scosche beefKase for the iPhone 4 features a highly durable polycarbonate inner core that is wrapped in soft black leather. the Scosche beefKase gives you all the protection of a great poly case with the luxury and appeal of soft supple leather. Ranked in the top ten cases among new iPhone 4 users, this case is reliable and appealing.

SwitchEasy Silicone Case

For the ultimate in change, why not try the SwitchEasy silicone case. Built with daily change in mind, this case is very affordable and easily changed. With it comes a kit that includes two anti-static screen guards, one micro fiber wipe, one squeegee for the screen guard application, two power-jack protector connectors, and two headphone jack protectors. this change-out case kit comes in nine fabulous colors: Turquoise, White, Fuchsia, Yellow, Orange, Black, Crimson, Purple, and Lime.

A new skin for your iPhone 4 is just what it needs. After all- change is good!

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