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Nearly three years have passed since we laid eyes at the overstocked shelves of the Apple App store. If the best iPhone apps were hard to pick then, imagine how “easy” we’ll pick them now since instead of 50000 we are dealing with over 300.000 apps, and many of them, very useful, highly advanced and fully animated, in one word, fitting for the iPhone 4. you can even calculate your amount of alcohol residing in your blood after the regular night out with friends. Need I even mention the thousands of games currently residing there? but games aside let’s check out some of the best productivity apps made for the iPhone.

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The EverNote is an extremely useful app that follows the “Remember Everything” Mantra. This sweet looking app will turn your phone into a veritable digital archive that can be composed of snapshots, all kinds of “sticky notes” or even voice recording. All the entries can be browsed very easily with the EverNote menu from both your PC or iPhone. it has a little OCR character recognition as well since it can morph the text present in your photos into various templates beginning from concert poster to business card or even text document. For those of us that get taken with one thing and forget the rest, EverNote is the perfect reminder.

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It is impossible for you to be an internet user and not have a couple of accounts somewhere. Starting with mail accounts and subscription to several useful sites, and ending with game accounts. Knowing how easily can simple passwords be broken, we all think of complicated passwords, one longer than the other, and if you have many accounts, naturally you will mix them up and end up failing to login to each of them. 1Password is the perfect helper. no more answering various questions and sending all kinds of proof to websites to demonstrate that you’re the real user of the account. 1password is the perfect app to counter all that. it can store various account information, and even more, will even log you in via its integrated browser. Worried about all that important data that’s heading to a single app? Not to worry, the 1Password app comes with AES encryption that scrambles all the data into something completely unrecognizable. As if it wasn’t enough, it also comes with an Auto lock feature that will make sure your information remains in the right hands, even if the phone might…not be.

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