Best Holiday iPhone Apps to Bring the Family Together

Who doesn’t love the family Christmas party? Devouring dips and deserts until you can’t breath; watching Aunt Tilda get a little tipsy. It’s a time filled with equal measures of memories and madness. and if you have an iPhone, you can be the hit of the party this year – spreading cheer and chuckles with some superfun, family-friendly apps.

Here are a handful of the best family iPhone apps out there to bring your holiday party to life:

Angry Birds ($0.99) It’s the law these days: you can’t have an app list without including Angry Birds. this game is ridiculous, addictive and fun. and your whole family will be fighting over your iPhone to play it.

Talking Tom Cat (Free) It’s a simple idea for an app yet it’s also hilarious and entertaining. Family members of all ages – from grandpa to the kids – will enjoy this one. Talking Tom is a computer-animated cat that appears on your iPhone screen. Anytime you say something, Talking Tom repeats it back in his funny, high-pitched voice. You can also rub tom’s belly or yank his tail and enjoy to his comical response.

MiX’Em ($0.99) The MiX’Em app is a great value – providing four family-friendly games in one. the kids will love the MiX’Em game, which allows them to create their own characters using the game’s array of funny heads, torsos and legs. but the real grabber here is Match’Em, a timed memory game that will have the whole family competing for the top spot on the scoreboard. There are “easy” and “not easy” levels that will have everyone racking their brains and passing the game around.

Geocaching by Groundspeak ($9.99) Want to get the family out of the house for some outside fun? General regarded as the best geocaching app out there, Geocaching by Groundspeak is good for beginners and novices alike. for those who don’t know: geocaching is a global treasure-hunting game where people hide containers (called geocaches) outdoors. this app lets you know where treasures are hidden and provides detailed directions to help you find them. use this one to turn Christmas into a family adventure.

Scrabble (currently on sale for $0.99) A perfect transition from game board to handheld device (and those little block letters don’t end up stuck in the couch cushions). this classic word game is simple and intuitive in app form. You can play with up to four players – passing your iPhone back and forth; or, if you’re a tech family with multiple iPhones, you can connect and play over a network.

FACEinHOLE ($0.99) Photo fun at its finest! the app, like its online counterpart, lets you take a picture of someone’s face and put it on a number of different bodies with different backgrounds. that means you can turn your dad into a rocker on the cover of Rolling Stone; put your sister’s head on the Mona Lisa; or transform grandma into a supermodel. the possibilities are endless.

Happy Holidays!

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