Best Five Socializing Must Have iPhone Apps

The Meebo app is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is completely free and allows you to aggregate dozens of chat services (Facebook, MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and more) and transforms it into one user-friendly app. This application also has an added advantage of ‘push notifications’ that sends you and alert against any new chat or reply and is totally free of cost.

The most renowned computer application ‘Skype’ has gotten a much more genuine reason for being on your iPhone with the addition of front facing camera in iPhone 4 and 4S. It is completely free and by using Skype, it is now possible to call friends on the go while using Skype’s video calling capabilities. Voice and video calling are offered via 3G and Wi-Fi.

Amen, a free iPhone application was introduced in 2011 at TechCrunch with intent of crowd sourcing the best of everything on the planet. You can share your opinion about a person, place, or a thing. Amen is designed for iPhone and any device running iOS 4.0 or higher. For example, investor Ashton Kutcher says that Lean Back is the best manly dance move ever. Do you agree? Now you can Amen or say Hell no to statements from Ashton and others or add your own

With the launch of Google+ social network in 2011, iPhone briskly came up with a Google+ app which is free of cost and one of the best social networking apps available, through which you can view your stream, chats using Huddle, view and upload photos and participate in video chats with hangouts.

For all users in the US who use an iPhone, iPod or iPod touch, iPhone has come up with this free app which can give you unlimited access of free texting. TextPlus is perfect for those who have access to Wi-Fi or other wireless networks as this program can search for your friends by looking up their usernames. Friends with SMS can text 60611 and type your username as the message to connect with you. When you create a new message, TextPlus lets you choose one or more of your contacts or enter numbers manually. You cannot send texts if you are not near a Wi-Fi device or your device is malfunctioning.

Social media apps has opened up a door for dating and socializing which people start by sitting in their homes. They don’t need to go to clubs or parties to find their date because iPhone dating apps provides them potential dates in their palm with location-based services.