Best accessories for a Samsung Galaxy S II

We’re acutely aware that we give a lot of attention to iPhone and Android devices here at PC Advisor and as a result one of our favourite handsets gets a bit neglected as a result of that. 

Not today though. Today we turn our attentions to the fantastic Samsung Galaxy S II and select five smashing accessories that we think you should go and blow a percentage of your wages on immediately.

Here’s PC Advisor’s top 5 accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S II.


5. Samsung Galaxy S II Battery EB575152VUC £5

OK, so this might not be the most rock n roll Galaxy accessory out there, but we have got good reason to bring your attention to it. why? Well mainly because the person writing this feature has the unfortunate habit of going away for weekends and forgetting to pack his charger and therefore getting stuck in a new place without any means of contacting people or looking up where he is on a map. And with the benefit of hindsight(s) buying an extra battery is probably the best thing we could advise our lovely readers to do. Only a fiver too.

4. Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 MHL TV-Out Adapter – £25

We all know the Samsung Galaxy S II is one powerful beast kept in a tiny cage. Well now is the time to unleash the power of this phone via it’s micro USB connection. with this clever gizmo you can hook up your phone to your TV and experience the full 1080p HD video playback on your HDTV. Well worth pony (£25).

3. Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Earpiece – £29

Wearing a bluetooth headset when you don’t have to, rightly, gets people a lot of stick. but there are some occasions when you have to use both your hands and talk on the phone at the same time – bomb disposal for example. such activities are when this accessory becomes worth its weight in gold. Not only is this earpiece one of the clearest on the market, it’s also one that is going to make you look least like a doughnut. Pairs nicely with a Galaxy too.

2. DriveTime Samsung Galaxy S II Car Pack – £19

We’re particularly fond of the 3-Joint windshield holster in this pack. You can adjust it to give you an angle-perfect view of your phone in you car at all times. Engineering that frankly hasn’t been since since Brunel was still puffing on his cigars. It also comes with an in-car charger too, so you can charge as you drive. What more could a petrol head want?

1. Samsung Galaxy S II Mesh Vent Case £12

Tough, stylish and not at all bulky. What more you could want from a protective phone case. Nothing. So buy it now and feel free to drop your Galaxy from sensible heights, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a Mesh Vent Case protecting your phone to the death.

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