Benefits And Limitations of iPhone Apps Development

iPhone decided to delete all contacts

The iPhone has reached the heights of fame post the launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Even users with iPhone 4 have started upgrading their operating system to iOS 6 for their iPhone to be in sync with the technology. The latest iOS, iOS 6 comes loaded with more than two hundred new features which makes it the most famous software upgrade for iPhone. There are many companies emerging in the market who have hired experienced and expert professionals to offer expert iPhone app development services.

The popularity of iPhone has coerced many programmers and iPhone developers to create a number of applications. iPhone dominates the smartphone market. More than six million iPhone devices have been sold and its sales figures are going on increasing. iPhone opens up many doors of opportunities to market your application idea to millions of users worldwide. iPhone application development becomes an easy process with the help of Software Development Kit or SDK, which is available for download. Any developer can create and market the applications developed by him or her on the Apple Application Store. SDK comes packed with all the tools required for iPhone apps development. You can hire services of different companies to transform your idea into an application.

iPhone applications are used by iPhone owners for a number of purposes such as performing business tasks, surfing the net, access documents or to have fun by playing games. It goes beyond calling and messaging. Due to the plethora of benefits offered by iPhone, it has become one of the favorite platforms for applications development.

Despite the tools provided for easing iPhone apps development, Apple has laid down certain rules for the development and running of applications. The main rule applied by Apple is that users cannot run two applications simultaneously even if both the applications are imperative. For instance, if you are working with one application and you need some information from other application then you should first close the first application and then only you can access the other application.

In iPhone, you cannot run third party applications in the back ground. This implies that if you are chatting with your friend using an application and at the same time you receive a call then you will be disconnected and will be unable to chat once you pick up the call.

One important thing about iPhone application development is that if an iPhone app developer has designed an application meant to be run on iOS6 then he has to put in some extra efforts to ensure that the same application works well on all previous versions of iPhone without any application crash.

Even though iPhone has its own limitations, these shortcomings have not influenced the sales figures of this smartphone king. With iPhone leading the smartphone market, the number of iPhone applications has reached approximately 700,000 available over the net. It can be concluded that the benefits offered by iPhone surpass the limitations imposed by Apple.