August Launch of Verizon Galaxy S II May Lack 4G LTE

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Based on Motorola’s conference call, Droid-Life is deducing that if the Sasmung-made Galaxy S II is launched in August, that device would lack 4G LTE. the reasoning behind this is due to Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha stating that the Droid Bionic launching in September would be the first phone in the world to feature both 4G LTE capabilities as well as a dual-core processor.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S II also sports a dual-core processor and is widely believed to be coming in August beating out the launch of the Droid Bionic, that device would not have 4G LTE networking capabilities of Jha’s statement is accurate.

Recently, Verizon Wireless support had tweeted that the Samsung phone would have 4G, but later corrected itself to saying that it had intended the tweet to read that the Sasmung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would launch with 4G LTE network support, and not the Galaxy S II.

The carrier may launch the Galaxy S II as the Fascinate II, falling in line with the Fascinate/Galaxy S franchise on the network.

So for now, it looks like the Galaxy S II on Verizon Wireless would be a 3G device that would compete against the Motorola Droid X2. the Droid X2 has a higher resolution qHD display while the Galaxy S II’s WVGA resolution screen boasts more bright and vivid colors thanks to a Super AMOLED Plus screen technology as the major difference.

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