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Everyone learns best through different methods. Numerous psychological studies have determined this and it’s amazing how much it helps to know what works for each individual. For those who work best by listening to their revision material, iVocAudio could be an ideal learning tool.

When using iVocAudio, users simply need to record their own Q&A pairs with the iOS device’s microphone and allow it to play back. It makes for an ideal revision tool for all kinds of subjects as it’s ultimately decided by the user what they want to use it for. the app also allows users to download existing files from the iVocAudio site which is particularly handy for those looking to learn another language. Multiple folders are possible so users can switch between subjects whenever they so choose.

iVocAudio looks to be a great tool for anyone who needs to learn something. Heck, you could even use it for more regular things like a shopping list or birthday reminder tool. the potential is pretty widespread.

It’s available now for all iOS devices and is only $0.99.

Check out the video below if you’re still wondering if it’s for you.

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