AT&T Upgrader helps you nab iPhone 4S app-style – iPhone app review – Kathryn Swartz

AT&T customers who are considering making the upgrade to iPhone 4S from their current iDevice can now pickup AT&T Upgrader from the App Store. the app rolled out on Oct. 5 but was pulled shortly after its arrival. Now the app is back for download—Oct. 7 marks the official start to iPhone 4S preordering, after all.

I installed the app shortly after midnight on Oct. 7, and quickly became concerned that AT&T Upgrader had stalled on its opening splash screen. After some patience, the app took me to the next screen, so I can only assume that AT&T is seeing a spike in traffic. Once you’re in the app, you’ll enter your phone number and account info to check your eligibility.

A few spins of the loading wheel and AT&T Upgrader showed that I am eligible for an upgrade—but at a higher price. if this fits you too, you’ll need to hit “upgrade now” to see the pricing information. I haven’t decided if I want to upgrade or not yet, but I pressed on. Surprisingly, or maybe not, AT&T Upgrader only offered me the option for iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS and at the old pricing. a quick look at showed that the company hadn’t quite started the preordering yet. Once the 4S popped up for selection, AT&T Upgrader offered toggles for phone color and size. Before you checkout you’ll also be able to select accessories.

As more customers download the app, I expect its speeds to slow more, but even still, the AT&T Upgrader is a useful alternative to ordering through the Apple Store app for current customers. whatever you decide, I’d advise triple checking that you’re ordering the right phone at the right price before hitting that purchase button.

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