Apps that Reach the Million-Dollar Mark

From $.99 to $89.99, iPhone Apps can make you rich, if you have to skills to program thousand of lines of code. With over 2 BILLION downloads, and just reaching the 100,000 app mark, there is no stopping the App Store. With all that money flying around, what are the top grossing apps you may ask yourself.

These weeks’ Business Week reports on several apps that have hit the million dollar mark. With the amount of revenue coming in for these apps, you have probably contributed to one or more of these hitting the million-dollar mark. If you haven’t tried any of these, then you should try them to see what all the hype is about.

ragdoll7. Ragdoll Blaster $950,000 by: Backflip Studios
Ragdoll Blaster combines the fun of firing ragdolls from cannons with the challenge of a puzzle game… while simulating real physics. You simply touch the screen to aim and fir your ragdoll at the increasingly more difficult targets.

flick6. Flick Fishing – $1 Million By: Freeverse
Cast the line with a flick of your wrist. With a skillful combination of bait, location, and technique you’ll hook a fish — now you just need to reel it in! Reel carefully to avoid snapping the line and losing your fish.

rollercoaster5. Roller-Coaster Rush – $1.1 Million By: Digital Chocolate
Step on the brakes and take a ride with Rollercoaster Rush, an award-winning and highly addictive game. Take on over 70 different action-paced roller coaster tracks located all over the world including the United States, France and Australia.

tpain4. I Am T-Pain – $1.1 Million By: Smule
Ever wonder how your own voice sounds Auto-Tuned? I AM T-Pain gives you Auto-Tune in the palm of your hand, using the same audio technology T-Pain himself uses in the studio to record his music.

ocarina3. Ocarina – $1.3 Million By: Smule
Sensitive to your breath, touch and movements, Ocarina is more versatile then an actual Flue. Blow air into your mic to create music, touch combination of holes to play notes, tilt to change vibrato rate and depth.

fast2. F.A.S.T. – $1.8 Million By: Social Gaming Network
Take to the skies in F.A.S.T. – Fleet Air Superiority Training. Dogfight online with your friends or against perfect strangers, via WiFi and Bluetooth. Increase you rating by beating other pilots and unlock new planes.

And the Number 1 Grossing App, so far, is:
enigmo1. Enigmo – $2.5 Million By: Pangea Software
Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you can direct animated streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Water, oil and Lava fall from Droppers and bounce around the walls of the puzzle. You move rotate various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators and sponges in order to divert the flow of water.