Apple will have an Iphone 4S battery software fix soon

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Using acronyms to address me how thoughtful! I can’t believe you find my comments remotely satiric, as for being too convoluted that is only based on your intellectual limitation. I will leave you with this sardonic comment which you will surely enjoy, I do brush my teeth but with your toothbrush. So enjoy your penis breath after taste!

I’d love an iphone 4S but as the owner of a three year old ipod touch (in pefect working order) and a sevicable and cheap phone I can’t justify the expence of a new iToy to myself.

However as an semi-interested bystander the new iphone clearly follows the standard Apple Release Strategy Exercise (ARSE) methodology: vast hype, huge queues, and disapomtment as bugs appear, followed by official denials and, eventually grudging fixes.

So my question is Why is Everyone so suprised?

Your brand of ironic self-depreciating satire is getting a bit too convoluted. Might I suggest brushing your teeth for once?

You got to understand Kevin most authors on this site have a small penis even the women authors!

or maybe you missed the sarcasm of the site.

They *usually* refer to Apple as fruit themed gadget seller and Cappuccino based.

That Apple like everyone one else cares more about money than happy customers. it seems many people turn a blind eye to Apple’s problems like they don’t exist.They have had to know about these problems but know people will buy them anyway. it seems everyone sells products before there ready, but the difference with Apples toys is that there are a premium price and I would demand a premium product or ask for my money back. Quality always takes backseat to profit, sad.

I think your spell check went awry. Apple is Cupertino company not a cappuccino company.