Apple iPhone 5 To Be Completely Redesigned For Fall 2012 Release

Buyers awaiting a brand new iPhone 5 in 2012 won’t be disappointed, a source close to the company’s development branch says the iPhone 5 will be a completely redesigned Smartphone unlike anything we’ve seen to date from Apple.

Speaking to BGR the source has revealed that the company wants to use a plastic or rubber material similar to those found in their bumper cases. According to the insider the rubber would likely be used as a bezel surrounding the front edge of the phone, much in a similar way the 3GS bezel was prominently featured.

According to the source the new design and material would allow the glass iPhone face to join to a new aluminum back plate. the design change would also cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device.

An earlier report pointed to an aluminum design with a 4-inch display.

Of course at this point rumors are likely to be molded into new design features and ever changing specs. It should be noted that unlike past rumors that have been proven correct this rumor has not been verified by parts manufacturers who usually leak certain details about design feature requests made to their company’s.

Does the new rumored iPhone 5 design sound like something you would be willing to invest in or upgrade to or does Apple need to announce even bigger changes to their Smartphone line?