Apple iPhone 4S Unveiled, No iPhone 5 in Sight


Apple’s new CEO has taken the wraps off the iPhone 4S, which will have a faster processor and a better camera than its predecessor. this will be the company’s new flagship smartphone, as the rumors of the iPhone 5 have turned out to be incorrect.

The iPhone 4S is going to have the Apple A5 dual-core processor, making it signifcantly faster than its predecessor — up to 7x faster when handling graphics.

The wireless performance has been improved, and the AT&T version will be able to download data at up to 14.4Mbps, twice as fast as the iPhone 4. Dual antennas, one for sending and the other for receiving, will improve voice quality. It’s going to be a worldphone, both GSM and CDMA.

The iPhone 4S will have an 8 megapixel camera, with 1080p video recording. it will sport a backside-illuminated CMOS for better shots in low light, and Apple is promising it will be quicker to take pictures.

It will have up to 8 hours of battery life when talking on 3G, or 6 hours browsing the Web. it will offer 10 hours of video playback or 40 hours of music playback.

The changes are all internal — the outer appearance is identical to its predecessor. It’s not clear yet if this means that current cases and other accessories will work with the upcoming model.

Coming Soon to almost EverywhereA version of the iPhone 4S with 16GB of of internal storage is going to sell for $200 with a two-year contract, the 32GB version will be $300, while a 64GB version will be $400.

It is going to debut on October 14 and pre-orders will start on October 7. it is coming to AT&T, Verizon, and, for the first time, Sprint.

Apple isn’t giving up on its earlier products. The iPhone 4 with 8GB of storage will be $100. The iPhone 3GS with 8GB will stay on the books — it will be free with contract.

iOS 5 InsideThis device is going to debut running iOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for smartphones and tablets. SOme of the features debuting in this version will include a new a redesigned notifications system, and iMessage, a system for sending short notes between iOS-based devices. Twitter is also being integrated into the OS and bundled applications.

More information on the new features in iOS, as well as the release schedule for upgrades, can be found here: Apple Unveils more iOS 5 Details: Voice Control and other new Software and Services

iPod touch BumpThe new operating system is also coming to the iPod touch, Apple’s device that can be thought of as an iPhone without the phone. Apple isn’t coming out with a re-designed version of this device, but it is dropping the price. going forward, the 8Gb version will be $200, the 32GB is going to be $300, and the 65GB version will cost $400.

iPhone 5 MIANo mention was made today of the iPhone 5, despite a wide array of rumors, “leaks”, and speculation that Apple has been prepping a smartphone with a larger screen and a thinner design than the iPhone 4. Instead, the company is sticking with a moderately-enhanced version of last year’s device.

This will surely leave many looking ahead to the next-generation handset from Apple. when this will be announced is not yet known, however.

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