Apple Iphone 3gs – 32gb – Black (at&t), Original Box, Mint Condition, Extras

This iPhone 3GS was an AppleCare replacement that I received right before my agreement expired. I used it for 3 weeks, constantly protected by an Otterbox Commuter case, and then replaced it with a iPhone 4.Use “Buy it Now” and get a free shipping upgrade to FedEx Overnight.As pictured, this iPhone 3GS comes with:

  • Original box, with shrink wrap still attached
  • Unused earbuds with Remote and Mic
  • Sync cable and Charger
  • All documentation, included SIM card tool
  • Otterbox Commuter case with unused screen protector
  • extra case: SwitchEasy Rebel Silicone Covered Crystal Case for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Serpent Black)

This iPhone 3GS has a few,cosmetic scratches on the chrome bezel that are only visible at acertain angle, otherwise it looks like new.  I could not detect anyscratches on the front cover.the SIM card has been removed. you can take this phone to AT&T and activate it for use without a contract, just a month-to-month data and calling plan.  AT&T states this on their web site, just Google this phrase: “Bring your own compatible GSM device. with this option, you can buy a SIM (subscriber identity module), slip it into the back of the phone, and select a month-to-month service plan.” this iPhone comes with iOS 4.3.4 — if you buy it and want me to upgrade it to 5.0, I will do so at no charge.If you are considering buying an unlocked or jailbroken iPhone, please do some research before you buy. I considered jailbreaking this phone, but found so many problems when I did the research that I decided not to attempt the jailbreak.If you have questions, please ask. Any concerns, please look at my feedback.