Apple iPhone 3G Vs LG KU990 Viewty – Is the Viewty Really Better Than iPhone 3G?

The iPhone 3G is an extension of the earlier iPhone model. When released, iPhone had a lot of problems, they fixed some of those problems in the 3G model but they still have a long way to go before they can declare the iPhone perfect. here I will be comparing Apple’s iPhone 3G to LG Cell Phones KU990 Viewty, and will explain in detail why the Viewty is a much better option.

Both the phones have unique design and stand out from the other phones in terms of look and feel. The dimensions of the Viewty are 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm, and weighs about 112 grams. on the front of the phone we have an impressive 3 inch touch screen display having a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. Below the touch screen we have 3 normal keys, the green call key, the red end key and the clear key. The clear key can be used as a backspace key in text editing or to go up one level in menu. Above the display there is a secondary VGA camera.

The iPhone 3G on the other hand has dimensions of 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm and weighs about 133 grams. The iPhone 3G also has a touch screen display of about 3.5 inches and has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Below the screen it has only 1 key which is used to return back to the menu.

LG Cell Phones have done a wonderful job with this phone and have added 3G capability to it. This means faster uploads and downloads. The phone is Tri-band, this means that it can be used anywhere in the world without the fear of compatibility issues. iPhone 3G, as the name indicates also has 3G capability. The iPhone can also be used anywhere in the world since it is a quad band phone but sadly it is locked to selected providers. The phone will have to be unlocked before it can be used with any operator.

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi or a WLAN phone then sadly the Viewty is not for you as it does not have any WLAN connectivity. The iPhone on the other hand can connect to wireless networks with it’s built in Wi-Fi.

In terms of Bluetooth the LG KU990 is way better than the iPhone. although iPhone 3G has the option of Bluetooth, it can only be used for synchronization purposes. iPhone cannot transfer files via Bluetooth and since it does not have A2DP, stereo Bluetooth headsets cannot be used with the phone. The KU990 on the other hand can use all the features of Bluetooth without any problem. The phone can also be connected to a stereo Bluetooth headset.

The LG KU990 comes with an internal memory of 100 MB. This memory can be expanded up to 2 GB via a microSD card slot, i.e. the Viewty’s memory is expandable. The LG Cell Phone comes with a USB cable and thus the phone can also be used as a storage device.

The iPhone on the other hand comes with an internal memory of 8 or 16 GB. It has no card slot therefore the memory cannot be expanded. Unlike the Viewty the iPhone cannot be used as a storage device.

In terms of camera the LG Cell Phone is way better than the iPhone. The iPhone’s camera is only 2 mega pixel, having a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. There is no flash, no auto focus and no image stabilizer. It is a simple 2 mega pixel camera. The camera also has no option for video recording and a third party application must be used for recording videos. The recorded videos are not worth watching as they have been taken using a 2 mega pixel camera.

The LG KU990 on the other hand has a 5 mega pixel camera, with a maximum resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and unlike the iPhone it has all the advance options such as auto focus, image stabilization and various shooting modes such as landscape, beach, party, portrait, night, sport, high sensitive, continuous shot, panorama and frames. The camera also comes with a strobe flash. a strobe flash lies somewhere between an LED flash and a XENON flash. The KU990 can record videos without any third party application and can record in VGA resolution at 30 frames per second and in QVGA resolution at 120 frames per second. for those of you who did not understand the previous sentence, the video camera f the Viewty is awesome.

Aside from the differences mentioned above both of the phones are almost the same, both have huge touch screen displays, they both have accelerometers to figure out if the phone I being held vertically or horizontally. Another point worth mentioning is that the iPhone cannot send multimedia messages or MMS. some third part application has to be used for this purpose.

So the comparison clearly puts LG KU990 in the lead but die-hard apple fans will still prefer to buy the iPhone. The iPhone’s software is buggy and it freezes often. its Safari web browser does not have java or flash capability. LG KU990 does not suffer from any of these problems. and above all the 5 Mega Pixel camera of the Viewty clearly makes it an iPhone Killer.

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