AppDialer Uses Android-Like Gestures To Launch Apps On The iPhone

iOS Jailbreak: using gestures to navigate your iOS devices isn’t just intuitive, it’s a fantastic time saver as well. if you’ve already jailbroken, the free AppDialer app in the Cydia repository lets you do Android-unlock gestures on a dialpad to do just about anything.

Here’s how it works. You first choose a method to launch the AppDialer dialer, and you can choose from using the headset button, the home button, double tapping on the lock screen, shaking your phone, connecting power, hitting the sleep button, sliding gestures, pinching gestures, volume buttons and even sliding from the top status bar. Once that’s chosen, select what you want the gesture to do. Not only can you switch Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off, you can have iPod controls, lockscreen controls, phone controls, simulate system actions (reboot, home button presses, screenshots, etc.) or just plain launching apps.

If you’re looking for the best app launcher, our ListLauncher choice most likely still stands as the safe pick, because you can search for apps and scroll through to what you want. but if you have a handful of apps you use all the time that are spread across your phone, programming in a set of easy-to-remember gestures for them will save you a lot of time.

Perform Actions Or Open Apps By dialling on Your iPhone [Cydia Tweak] [Addictive Tips]

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