A Cool Car Finder App

iPhone apps have become a major phenomenon in our modern society. You can not go any where with seeing, hearing, or someone talking about iPhone apps. There have been many apps that have been created. Many useful, some amusing, and some entertaining. but there’s one app in particular that I have found very useful in my opinion. the app I’m referring to is called the car finder app.

This app has honestly changed my life, and I’m going to explain. Before online marketing, I worked for a local restaurant as a bus boy, and when it was time for me to go it would take me approximately 20 minutes to find my car, as time progressed I would waste precious time in looking for my car and also time in my late night studying. this would prove to be devastating. but last week I cam across this iPhone app that had me thinking about my past if I would of known about this back then.

This application provides a technology that contributes to the camera of the iPhone and uses it as a digital compass, you’ll most likely find this app on the latest iPhone such as, the 3GS and etc. With this app I was able to completely avoid all the hassle of looking for a car in huge parking lots, and many other troubling situations that may occur to anyone involved in a predicament where the words lost and Car are being used in the same sentence. this app I believe can save many people in tough situations such as: If your car has been stolen, or you probably forgot where you parked your car, or if you’ve parked in a no parking area your and the city tow trucking agency towed your car without your knowledge.

In today’s day and age every has a cell phone, but if you have an iPhone 3G, this can locate your vehicle, you can also use this app to frequently check on your vehicle, to see if it’s at the same location, you parked it at, if of course you’ve had a history of your vehicle being stolen. this app is great and I honestly recommend it to any one that is very protective of there vehicle.