7 Must-Have iPhone Games

1. Doodle Jump

Once the king of the App Store, Doodle Jump is the perfect example of a classic iPhone game. The idea of the game is simple enough: control your character by tilting the iPhone to jump up on platforms and reach as high up as you can. It’s been notoriously known for its freakishly addictive property. Be warned when you get this app: you will be playing it for hours at a time.

2. Angry Birds

Yet another classic, Angry Birds is currently #1 in the App Store. Nobody can explain why flinging birds at pigs from a catapult is entertaining, yet if you see someone playing intently on an iPhone in a bus or at a subway, there’s a 90% chance it’s Angry Birds. Consider your iPhone naked until you own this game.


In short, NOVA is the best sci-fi first person shooter app in the App Store. Boasting the best graphics of mobile gaming, an epic campaign that takes hours to beat, and a large multiplayer community, it has lived up to all the expectations of Gameloft games. If you love this app, don’t forget to check out NOVA 2.

4. Peggle

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Peggle has been living under a rock in Mars for the past few years. Loaded with countless levels of style and seamless graphics, this original game allows the player to harness physics to achieve his goal. Two words: get it.

5. Pocket God

It’s hard to explain what Pocket God is. In short, Pocket God is an entertainment app that allows you to become the god of your own island, complete with interactive weather, people, and more. With each episode comes a new feature that the player can do, from harpooning your men and erupting volcanoes to making a tornado and flinging them off the island. Sounds cruel? Catch fish for them or let them play around. YOU decide.

6. Zenonia

For anyone interested in RPG, Zenonia is the game for you. It’s considered the benchmark for most, if not all, RPGs. With 5 character classes and a storyline that will take nearly 40 hours to complete, Zenonia has surprising replay value and will tempt you to play through it multiple times.

7. Real Racing

Finally, what gaming pack is complete without a good racing game? Real Racing delivers that with astounding graphics, challenging AI and perfect controls. You can truly feel the rush of racing with this near perfect racing game.