6 SOFT Crystal TPU Gel Case Skin Cover for iPhone 3G 3GS Reviews

Cool iPhone cases at a great price, September 20, 2010

When I bought my iPhone 3GS I spent hours looking for reasonably-priced protective cases. there were no reviews of these soft crystal cases but I decided to give them a try.

My first thought upon opening them was that the colors were rather dull – nowhere near as vibrant as in the photo. however, the colors are better when on the phone (I have a black one). The cases fit the 3G and 3GS perfectly, covering the front edge and thus protecting all but the screen. The buttons on the phone are easy to operate with the case in place.

With six colors to choose from, I change my case frequently and it’s like having a new phone every time. I have just noticed that the price has gone down by about $10 since I bought mine (probably due to the introduction of the iPhone 4) so if you want to brighten up and protect your 3G/3GS, buy this set of cases!

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