3 Sweden offers half-price sale on iPhone 3GS contract

Tired of expensive mobile phone contracts? maybe you should move to Sweden, where mobile provider 3 Sweden is offering a half-off sale on a two-year contract for an iPhone 3GS.

The new pricing makes a “3 Surf” package 99 krona or about $15.36 a month, with a more capable “3 Pott” package running 199 krona or around $30.68 per month. that cheap package gives you “free surfing” of up to 1 GB of data (more data at a reduced rate), but you need to spend .39 krona or about six cents per minute for voice. that would work great for me, since I rarely use my iPhone to talk to other humans anyway.

The other package includes a “pot” of service that can be spread around different services including voice, SMS, and MMS. There’s also free data with that package, but only up to .5 GB, after which your service is at a reduced speed.

Basically, as with most worldwide mobile carriers, there’s always fine print to look at. with 3 Sweden’s half-price sale with an iPhone 3GS, though, the impact on the wallet is less than what most of us have to put up with.


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