3 Must Have iPhone 4 Accessories

Apple has just unveiled its much anticipated Apple iPhone 4. the product distribution to various market outlets will follow sooner than you expect.

If you intend to acquire one, it is a must that you also have to invest on must have iPhone 4 accessories. these accessories will help you maximize your phones features and extend its life span as well. Here are 3 iPhone 4 accessories you should not miss. They are worth your investment.

Your iPhone is prone to scratches and accidental falls. To protect your iPhone, you must equip it with a good iPhone cover. You can choose from various designs available which are made of different materials. the most popular material for iPhone cover is the leather type.

If there is one useful accessory, it is the bluetooth headset. This is a wireless device which allows you to make full use of your iPhone’s featuers without touching your phone. For instance you can accept incoming calls, listen to your favorite tunes stored on your phone and undertake other hands-free tasks with the aid of this device.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Your iPhone 4 is expected to have a better battery life. However given the power intensive features of your iPhone, it pays to carry a back up battery especially if you are on travel. There are rechargeable battery packs to choose from with built in integrated wall charger for powering and charging your iPhone. just browse available products like incharge portable by ExtremeMac.

Your iPhone 4 is a good smart phone and probably the best smart phone available. it comes with a high cost though given its good quality. To extend its life span and maximize its functionalities, it pays to invest on useful iPhone 4 accessories like the above accessories. For best products, check reviews on iPhone 4 accessories.