3 Android Applications To Check Your Hearing impaired

During this modern day a simple health inspect can be achieved by some application inside your phone, a lot of health app can be obtained today at Google Play. In case you have a hearing impaired, this apps will help you diagnose and check your condition quite accurately. If you still unsure around the result you may use some other application to check the end result and compare it. You’ll find 3 apps which I will advise you in a moment, Test Your Hearing, Hearing test, and Piezzo. Let’s check out what kind of this app as well as what it has to offer under

Test Your Hearing

This simple and handy application is produced by EpsilonZero. With this application you are able to check your hearing condition determined by how old you are, frequencies, and array. There are 2 main features in this apps, the first to test your frequencies range with your ears. You will find yourself given 25 tones with each one will present how much you are able to listen to it. It’s going to be recorded as hearing age to help you realized exactly what your hearing range might be. Entertaining tone using animal sound plus the result’s pretty reliable too. The other one is to check your different frequencies hearing capability, this test is to ensure you could hear a different sort of tone clearly through your hearing spectrum and suggest an instrument dependant on your answer.

Hearing Test by Piezzo

This app which is produced by Piezzo contains a distinctive feature to test your hearing capability. You are given a sort of test to check your hearing ability, and then you will go on to the second test once you feel more comfortable with your previous tone. You may fine-tune your hearing comfort by sliding the sound level bar on the test, each time you feel comfort hearing the frequencies you will be given an audio graph to inform you the best hearing impact. You can do the test again and again to compared the result. However, this application doesn’t have any additional feature such as keeping your audio graph and such. However you can get this application with just 2.4 MB on it’s size.

Hearing Test by Geniamedia

This app by Geniamedia has the identical name over the previous app, however with different purpose. With this one, you can check your understanding of speech rather then your quality of hearing. If you think you need to test your strength over some one speech and word this application may be the one around. Various word and various speech will be presented and range by number to show you the quality of your hearing and understanding of speech.